WP Carousel Slider

Mountains and River Bird is looking Tree and grass A red car in showcase

WP Carousel Slider is Jquery based WordPress. It have reflection mouse wheel rotation and easy to navigate.
Slider structure is seo friendly and Light box image effect.


Slider Width
You can set the width of slider as you want. By Default is [720]

Slider Height
You can set the height of slider as you want. By Default is [500]

Horizontal Position
You can set the Images rotation orign point as according to slider width. By Default is [300]

Vertical Raduis
You can set the Radius of images in order to set close or far space between images. By Default is [300]

You can set the rotation speed of slides images as you want. By Defualt is [3000]

Rotation Delay
You can set the Rotation delay in order to hold/pause images time. By Defualt is [Disabled]

Mouse Wheel
You can enable or disable mouse wheel rotation. By Defualt is [Disabled]

Rotation Direction
You can set the rotation direction of images to left or right. By Defualt is [Left]

Navigation Buttons
You can enable or disable navigation buttons. By Defualt is [Disabled]

Title and Description
You can enable or disable Title and Description. By Defualt is [Disabled]


Extract the wp-carousel-slider.zip and Upload it on the Plugins Directory (WordPress Plugin Directory) and activate Plugin.
Go to your WordPress Plugins > Add New and Upload your wp-carousel-slider.zip.
Require at lease 3.0 and up.
Tasted up to 3.4.2

There are two ways to use slider
1. Use the shortcode [*wp-carousel*] (remove stars). in the content area of a page or post where you want the slider to appear.
2. Use echo do_shortcode(‘[*wp-carousel*]’); (remove stars) in you theme page or post PHP file.

How can I use this Plugin?

You can use this plugin via Shortcode [*wp-carousel*] (remove stars) in the pages and posts.

= Plugin is activate but does not see the images? =

Please Add the Images in the Slider from WP Carousel Page in WordPress Dasboard

Slider is not rotating properly?

Please make sure that the slider settings are match with slider perameters. if still problem so leave blank fields of Carousel slider settings in order to use Default settings.

See Above Working Demo

A change since the previous version.
Add Title and Description
Add Left and Right rotations directions

Add Raduis of images

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